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Watch This film shows how a simple young college students gets involved into terrorism,starts taking ILLICT DRUGS and puts his life to an end.Also,Like us on Facebook - us on Youtube - school and college students may not have all the necessary cognitive tools to handle some of the daily stressors that may surround them, and alcohol or drugs can seem like the answer. Childhood trauma, genetic factors, and a person’s surrounding environment may all contribute to future substance abuse and addiction.Different age groups are likely to have different needs when it comes to treatment methods. Teens and young adults are more likely to hide their substance abuse and deny that treatment is necessary than older adults. They may also be less likely to think they need help and recognize that their substance abuse and resulting behaviors are cause for concern. NIDA reports that only 10 percent of those aged 12-17 who need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse actually get it with the large majority of those who do receive treatment being referred through the criminal justice system. Alcohol and drug usage may increase risky and dangerous behaviors, which may include engaging in criminal behaviors as well as potentially heightening aggressive, violent, or erratic actions.Most treatment models for adolescents and young adults will likely use behavioral therapy models and research-based methods that include both group and individual therapy sessions with groups of peers. Specific medications for addiction may not be approved for use in young people; however, teens may be less likely to suffer from withdrawal side effects and drug cravings than older individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol, NIDA publishes.Treatment for drug or alcohol abuse may be performed in either an outpatient or residential setting, depending on the specific needs of the individual. Someone who is heavily dependent on drugs or alcohol, and has been abusing them for a long time, may benefit from medical detox services and comprehensive residential treatment. A person with a strong support system at home who has been abusing substances for a shorter time period, and is less dependent on them, may do well in outpatient treatment.