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Watch Wrong One To Fuck With is out now on CD/2xLP/DigitalOrder via Relapse Records Here: to Relapse Records Channel: by - Relapse Records and Magnetar StudioDirector - James PesatureEditor - James PesatureAssistant Editor - Daniel Orentlicher Colorist - Daniel OrentlicherWOTFW Logo Design - Warhead ArtField Producer - Frank AngelcykLighting Designer - Thaddeus GavuraSpecial thanks to Justin Leach, Chris Besaw, Heath Miller, Lindsey Gardner and Derek BrewerFilmed at - The Palaidum (Worcester, MA) and Webster Hall (New York, NY) Summer Slaughter TourSponsored by Live Nation Camera Operators :Frank AngelcykRobb DucheminDylan MarshallJames PesatureJason ShepherdDerek Soto Taso ZouroudisOrder on Bandcamp: http://dyingfetus.bandcamp.comOrder on iTunes: on Amazon: on Google Play: Links:Dying Fetus on Facebook: Fetus on Twitter: Fetus on Instagram: Studio Website: Studio Facebook: Studio Instagram: Studio YouTube: am the dying apparition End of your display, too late for regret Final moments in slow motion Your foolish choice, trying to amuse Choking down, blood, air, and mucus Feel the cost of miscalculation Boasting and bragging, all but past Enduring the price, curiositys last Wanting to astonish so everyone can see Attack unworthy foes, no not like me Petrified pride, the sad fools terror Blind-sided and broken, soak in the ignorant failure Living to intimidate, tormenting the ones you can Rolling the dice is your fate, unlucky or doomed or dumb Never wanted to gamble, thought the strength was assured Then theres an immovable object, your power an unstoppable force Bitten off more than you could chew Trying to impress with your primacy Cant match a level that intense Shocked to see the outcome unfold Pushing forward with weakness Compared to hardened past a joke Ran into this ruthless mother fucker Last time being wrong Stalking the weak, making the rules You just realized, Im the wrong one to fuck with Pushing my buttons, daring a response Clear regret, the wrong one to fuck with Pain creeping in, blurred mortal wound Grasp of horror, the wrong one to fuck with Cant change your mind, too late this time Your life is spent, I was the wrong one to fuck with Thinking the outcome can be in doubt First and last mistake, beat the arrogance out of him Dont fear the pain inflicted, warming up idle hands Knowing the worst is later, solace for the moment Wrapped in the shame of cowardice, no end is undeserved Time for atonements past, exposed, frail fool, thats you Thinking the outcome can be in doubt First and last mistake, beat the arrogance out of him No coins for Charon, unable to cross over worlds Dumped out in the river, found unworthy to pass now Cannot hide from past shame, experience what you have earnedTake pride in suffering, paying homage to the dead No ego present, instead accepting to believe Fate of the damned, no doubt is your destiny