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Watch fastest hoverboard speed test.. Electric Skateboard Edition.GHOST RIDE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! --- Electric Longboard Day Ever 596Speed test day!! This time, we leave the hoverboards inside and take the electric skateboards out to find out which one is fastest. To eliminate the factor of people having different skill levels, we ghost ride the electric longboards. No riders, just raw speed!! Jenny and Adley come by just in time to be our race girls and halfway through the race Adley starts drawing on the skateboards. Finishing the speed test we reviel the results of our science experiment and take a spacestation field trip to a VIP sale. We browse new clothes and hats and end the night with a big family dinner.Get your own trick board we opened -- SPEED TEST ? - Hoverboard SPEED TEST!! ⚡- Adley Instagram - Instagram - some sweet Shonduras merch --- me on any social media @Shonduras!!Music: some stuff we use:Camera: Lens: Lens: Pod: Keyboard: Mouse: Chairs: Razer Stuff: a chalk highfive for Adley in the comments if you read this far