Click to Watch in HD > F1 in Schools World Finals Singapore 2018 - Day 1 - Opening Ceremony and Racing

Watch Day 1 of the F1 in Schools World Finals Singapore 2018 - live from the Resorts World Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa, SingaporeFirst up we have the opening ceremony which will introduce our teams to Singapore and get the competition underway.This is the teams first experience of racing at the world finals 2018 with 4 out of 8 races to take place today. Racing session 1 consists of 4 races, two in each lane. The teams get a chance to service their car after racing before taking part in Racing Session 2 tomorrow. The best times for each car from sessions 1 and 2 count towards the exciting and important Knock-out Competition.In F1 in Schools racing it isnt only the speed of the cars that matters, teams need to make sure they have a driver with quick reactions to launch the car as soon as the 5 lights go out. With penalty points for a false start the pressure is on! Races 1 and 3 will see the teams use their car A and races 2 and 4, car B.To find out more visit www.f1inschools.comRacing Session 1 Schedule:(All times are UTC +8 and may be subject to change)11:00 Feroxidus - Singapore vs Polaris - Germany11:20 Vortex Racing - Cyprus vs Malaxa - Romania11:35 Team Nihon University - Amuse - Japan vs AL6PH - Thailand11:50 Blu Comet Racing - United Arab Emirates vs dex-rac Racing - Malaysia12:05 Tempest - Malaysia and United Kingdom vs Team Tech No Logic - India12:20 Team Matadors - India vs Brazilian Six - Brazil12:35 PERSPECTIVE - United States vs Lucendi - Malaysia13:30 CJJ AutoVinco - Ireland vs Zeus - Greece13:45 Team Accelerace - United Kingdom vs Team Phoenix - Japan14:00 SPYKAR - China vs Unity Racing - Germany14:15 Imparables JS - Mexico vs Alacrity Project - Greece14:30 Team Segel - Brazil vs Velocity Racing - Scotland14:45 Fenix - Mexico vs Fm-1 Racing - Ireland15:30 Arion - Cyprus and Greece vs Lux - China15:45 Team B.E.S.T. - Brazil vs Pursuit Racing - Thailand16:00 Zero Friction - Australia vs Aero9 - Malaysia16:15 Triones - China vs Iota - Australia16:30 Team Nemesis - Greece vs GEMS NEUTRINO - United Arab Emirates16:45 Team Impulse - India vs NOVA - Mexico17:15 Slipstream - Cyprus vs TNT Racing UDG - Mexico17:30 Kochasri Racing - Thailand vs Entente - Australia17:45 AeroFlow Racing - United States vs Unity - United Kingdom18:00 Origin - England vs ANDROMEDA - Jordan18:15 BWT Stream - Austria vs Horizon - Australia18:30 Nam Phong Racing - Vietnam vs Drive - WalesThe F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 is held with the support of a host of sponsors including Formula 1, Denford, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Autodesk, FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, City University of London, UCL Engineering, Acronis, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore GP and Resorts World Sentosa.