FBLinker - Create Facebook Shareable Thumbnails

Customize your image, title text, and description. Improve your Click Throughs and Views.

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What is FBlinker?

FBLinker, also known as Facebook Linker, is 100% Free Tool provided by yt2fb.com (Youtube To Fb). FBlinker tool from yt2fb.com allows you to create large Facebook thumbnails - by adding your own custom image, textual content in the title and description tags, allows you to add the original source URL. You can generate a large shareable thumbnail from a Youtube video, and customize it still. Default video sharing from Youtube to facebook sucks.
Now you can use any third party URL (other than Youtube as well) and create large shareable thumbnails for it - all of it for absolutely free :) there are no hidden charges, nothing! All we ask is that you register first so our system is not spammed.

How is FBlinker different from Youtube to FB?

While FBlinker allows you to use any third party URL and generate the thumbnail, our Youtube to Fb tool allows you to create Thumbnails for Youtube only and flawlessly. FBlinker is like one step advanced in comparison to our regular Youtube to Facebook tool.