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Watch Final Fantasy Record KeeperSummer Sun Festival 2018The Weapons Strike | Ultima Weapon (Fellstar - D350)Like and share this video! :-)Difficulty : 350Boss : Ultima Weapon (Fellstar)You Can see my team setup and stats in video.Drs Mog Advice:・Uses only magic attacks.・Uses strong earth and lightning attacks.・Uses Ultimate Bolt Ball, which inflicts Paralyze.・At the beginning of battle and every few turns thereafter, it uses Mighty Guard to grant itself Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen.・The group magic attack Ultimate Shadow Flare greatly reduces Attack and Magic for several turns.・When defeated, it uses Fellstar Shadow Flare, which ignores Magic Barrier and Resistance.・Sometimes counters physical attacks and ninjutsu with Graviga.Good luck!Target Score Boss:1) Finish the battle with 1 or more heroes not KOd.** My Facebook Page **Tirix887 -** My Subscriptions **Final Fantasy Record Keeper International -