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Watch Final Fantasy Record KeeperSummer Sun Festival 2018Unparallel Darkness | Zeromus EG (Lunacy D220)Like and share this video! :-)Difficulty : 220Boss : Zeromus EG (Lunacy)You Can see my team setup and stats in video.Drs Mog Advice:Zeromus EG remains shrouded in mystery, kupo.Sometimes physical attacks seem more effective, while at other times magic attacks do more damage. It seems to have something to do with time, but I havent gotten to the bottom of it yet, kupo.The strange red and blue orbs that appear may be the key to this battle, kupo!Ill do my best to help out, so see if you can solve the mystery!For a complete moveset of Zeromus EG, you Can see here: luck!Target Score Boss:1) Finish the battle with 1 or more heroes not KOd.** My Facebook Page **Tirix887 -** My Subscriptions **Final Fantasy Record Keeper International -