Watch What is going on, guys? Today, I came home and I got a package in the mail. Huge shout-out to FidgetDoctor for sending me some of the spinners. The link to buy these spinners will be in the description, and theyre originally RS149. Right now, theres a sale. I think its like 45% off. Its like $22, which is really good. You can get two for the price of one, basically. So guys, go down to the link. Check them out. Im going to give you a review, so watch till the end. They look already better than the ones Ive seen, like some of the ones Ive seen are like softer plastic. This is like hard plastic, so this will be good. Im just opening it up right now, so we got it right here. This is sick. Guys, if you want to see more videos with the spinners, I might do like a $1 versus $40, or like some kind of trick shot thing where I use an air compressor and make it go really fast. Leave a like and comment down below. Were just going to give this a spin. This is really cool. Oh, thats sick. Yeah, guys, this is awesome. Okay, it looks so cool on camera. Look at that. It looks really cool on camera. So I think in this video, were just going to do a spin test and an overall review of the spinner, so lets get our stopwatch out, and were going to see, this is straight out of the box. Im not sure if it spins faster or slower when its used after a while. Im not sure, so were going to see. I just opened them today, like I got home, and I just started recording. So I got my stopwatch right here. Were going to see how long we can spin this for. All right, we got our stopwatch right here, so were going to spin it and then press the time. Three, two, one. I might have to take or add a couple seconds onto the time at the end, just because it takes a second to go and click it. So three, two, one. [SPINNING] ......A minute and 23 seconds. Were going to try this again, just because I didnt really click it that hard, so were going to see if itll spin for longer, so lets press Reset and ... (singing) And 44 seconds, so thats pretty good, a lot longer than most of the fidget spinners Ive seen. I think that ... Oh. This is cool. I think you can pop the caps off, but Im not going to try, because I dont want to wreck it, but Im assuming you can. There isnt too much of a noise, like theres a little bit, but Im sure if I put like some WD-40 or something in there, it would make a lot less of a noise. Yeah, its pretty good. It spins for quite a decent time, just like I literally just took it out of the box, so thats pretty good. Im going to try and see if I could do the warp thing with my camera, so yeah. Hopefully, we can do that, because thatll be kind of cool... Rechargeable_crawling_Robot___Hindi.mp4==

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