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Watch Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, FinlandDivers:Fisherman: Eelis RankkaFishermans friend: Tommi SalminenBoy with the balloon: Jukka PelttariCamera and editing: Juuso MettäläManuscript by Juuso Mettälä and Eelis RankkaSafety divers: Esa Vuoppola and Juhana HeinoMusic: Stefano Mocini: The end of the doubsCouple of things about this video:Camera I used was Sony HDR-SR11 with Amphibico HD Elite housing.The Wheelbarrow was saved from the bottom of the lake and I have used it many times after that.The rubber duck and the balloon are also home with me.None of the divers got any permanent damage either.And yes, we had a lot of fun making this video.-Juuso

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