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Watch My daughter and kids group Flashmob... and t=40sTake a moment and subscribe to my cooking channel...its completely free and the most imp thing is whenever I will upload some recipe are the first person to get notified a long dayz I come with a know the reason. We went India to attend marriages yah one is my sis and other is niece,full busy schedule.In that time period also I try to upload some videos...after coming back to Jakarta,busy with my daughter dance comp...then our flash mob yah the same video.You know friends we got just one week for practice that to during that period I was down with viral...I am so poor in dance and the in addition to this viral...but I try my best to put the steps...hope you like this video.In this flashmob my daughter and kids group also did the dance...that part I have uploaded in other channel that link I have mentioned in description box.Last but not the least ,thanku so much Gayatri and Dev for beautiful choreographya and effort,time they put.For text detail recipe follow the website link Facebook Page follow the link can view some more yummy recipesSegdalu... Baingan Poda Bonda Naan Saku Ka Dosa Vada Kachori Potato Brownie with Icecream/ Fry Dosa

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