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Watch How to crack GATE AND ESE through Scientific approach part 3 consists frequency analysis or we can say weightage of entire Civil Engineering from GATE/ ESE point of view. It is really very helpful for students, as day by day competition also increasing so student study should be very smart , organised so he can get the maximum output with minimum effort. This method will help him not only for Gate / IES but for any other competitive examination.reckon civil academy is running a video series, in which we gathered the previous year paper of GATE and ESE and separated the question as Level-1 and Level-2. (Level-1 is Easy and Level-2 is tough and time taking)Reckon Civil Academy, is dedicated for students to prepare gate preparation for civil engineering and gate maths preparation. we provide gate online material and gate online study for needy students by uploading one video of 10-15 minute each day. Reckon Civil Academy prepare gate online and that too its free gate coaching you can also get free gate online study material and also gate mock paper.its also help online gate preparation for mechanical engineering students.