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Watch #GodAtWarChallenge Tell Your Story of How God Showed Up, RIGHT BEFORE YOU GAVE UP— tag three people to do the same. If you want your story heard by more people, email your video to [email protected] Antonio T. Smith, Jr. Releases his 2nd Bestselling book, God At War”. Get Your Copy Today. Paperback eBook #GodAtWarATS #BestSeller #ATSJR #PlantBetter Book Description: Elijah, and a person who is given no introduction, who is a new prophet, who is a new character in God’s narrative, who becomes the instrument of God’s war-hand against a local god “in power”. A body of water that shouldn’t exist, surrounded by believers who are trying to only exist in comfort, is where you will find God at war. Enter God rearranging his narrative for people to understand that He has no real need to rearrange anything. Yet He does. In God At War, you will find every character in the story being tested, tried, and placed into a submissive stance towards God. God At War is an exegetical observation of 1 Kings 17. Every character— human, deity, nature, and animals will be weighed and found matchless against a war with the One True and Living God. You will find yourself mesmerized by the details uncovered in this book and you will have no choice but to find yourself matchless against the God of 1 Kings 17. Smith’s God At War is short, powerful, and humbling. ► Subscribe to My Channel Here — Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is a prolific public speaker, certified by Les Brown, the world’s #1 motivational speaker, who has delivered over 2000 keynotes at events such as the University of Houston, Wiley College, which you can listen to on his podcast. Antonio is an internationally recognized trainer and speaker, and best-selling author in self-help and religious categories. He specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Business and Strength Training, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing, as well as scholarship in the Old Testament and Jewish Covenants, and he owns one of the most successful technology companies in Texas. He holds a bachelor’s in Christianity and a Master’s in Theological Studies. Antonio is a best-selling author and a popular podcast host, with a show that reaches 70 countries and 60 different languages. Antonio T. Smith, Jr. has been coaching people around the world on personal transformation for the last 9 years and reaches over hundreds of thousands of listeners across the globe. Antonio overcame abandonment, homelessness, and brokenness, Antonio had to learn at age six how to use his mind to climb out of sleeping in a dumpster. He would spend his entire childhood homeless, was adopted when he was 14, and aged out of CPS custody at 18 years old. This Galveston, TX native has been through more in his 30+ years than most will ever experience. He has developed a plant better” attitude, in which he teaches people to plant better seeds in order to have a better life, and has developed coaching tools, programs, courses and books designed to help the world succeed. Today he is a certified Les Brown Partner, a world renown public speaker, and leadership coach. Subscribe to my VIP Newsletter for exclusive content and weekly giveaways here: ---- Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Website: Website: Twitter: Be Somebody: Medium: iTunes Podcast | Stitcher Podcast | Podomatic Podcast | Tune In Podcast |

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