Click to Watch in HD > GOP Strategist, Steve Schmidt: FOX News is a Propaganda Channel

Watch Whenever I think that Republicans are an utterly irredeemable gaggle of ignoramuses, greedy sociopaths and and their sycophants, I listen to the word-stylings of GOP strategist, Steve Schmidt.Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House with Nicole Wallace, former Bush strategist Steve Schmidt laid into Fox News, calling it what it is: a propaganda network.”Most Republicans cant see Reality from the vantage point of being firmly planted up Trumps well-padded ass, but normal Americans are aware of what studies have confirmed - namely, that Fox News is responsible for making its viewers/victims less informed than those who watch no news at all. In the days of Edward R. Murrow, that statistic would be cause to give the entire network staff their pink slips. At Fox News, its the business model.He continued, “It [Fox News] exists in an alternate reality. It spews forth daily a toxin into the American body politic. It purposefully monetizes division in the country....So, when you see Fox News hosts routinely now calling for senior officials at the Department of Justice or in the intelligence communities to be locked up, the daily assault on institutions, the rule of law, the use of completely crazy alternate reality conspiracy theories as justifications for all of it—we’ve never seen in any of our lifetimes an American television—ostensibly a news network, do something like that.”While former communications and public affairs strategist for George W. Bush had a hand in propelling Sarah Palin to the national stage, hes certainly lessening his karmic retribution now by speaking truth about the Trump debacle while so many of his fellow GOP party members remain silently complicit. Please keep up the good work, Mr. Schmidt.Watch the clip, below: