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Watch Every year, the beasts of the Serengeti region rush northwest across the endless plains in search of fields for grazing. It’s a tremendous sight: Millions of mammals headed in the same direction like a river of majestic proportions, flowing across the vast land towards the ocean. Six months later the zebras and wildebeests and gazelles return south, once again sealing an infinite loop. Animal hearts brimming with blood, thumping as they traverse Africa; this is the sensation Serengeti evokes for its listener. Ancient dust stirred by the great migration rises and settles in a new corner of the plain. The land is forever altered, yet the same. Whencever the wind blows, nature’s rhythms are unaffected. They are undying, relentless, constantly shifting and we are all subject to them. No use resisting. Serengeti is a return journey. Although committed to plastic it never feels like the same route taken. The winds change, the dust re-settles, you mature, the music morphs. You close your eyes and your mind rushes across the plains under the burning sun just like it was the first time. WRITTEN, ARRANGED, PERFORMED, MIXED, DESIGNED, FILMED and PHOTOGRAPHED BY THE EMOTIONAL CARPENTERS: aaron roche: brass arrangement and performance. addi 800: mixing, recording and engineering. atli bollason: words. atli ingólfsson and ensemble caput: arrangement and string performance. ari magg: photography. borgar magnason: contra bass. davíð þór jónsson: hammond. eiríkur orri ólafsson: string arrangement. guðmundur óskar: bass guitar. gabríela friðriksdóttir: words. helgi björnsson: vocals. hrafnkell orri egilsson: cello. magnús öder: recording and engineering. matti kallio: accordion. ómar guðjónsson: electric guitar. ólafur björn ólafsson: percussion. paul mcmenamin: album design. sigtryggur baldursson: percussion. snorri bros: video works, visuals and still photography. stephan stephensen: synthesizers, arrangement, drum promgramming and mixing. styrmir hauksson: recording and engineering. þóra margrét sveinsdóttir: violin. viktor orri árnason: violin. greco video credits: wardrobe and make-up by melida prado. dancers: gabrielle maiden, clifton morris, cherish duke, andrew allan james, alissa roseborough. talia moreta. salomon anaya.

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