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Watch Gu Qi Dao is a contemporary martial arts developed by Master Gu Ji, from Shanghai, practicing his art in Paris. Gu Qi Dao means The way to develop energy, it is a style that combines modernity and tradition. 2 points are essential in the GQD: The first is the adaptation of the spirit, of the technic and the traditional martial arts philosophy in the todays world. How to solve concretely and acurately our daily training concerns, like the lack of time, finance, will ; the difficulty to find a place, partners, the question of how to dress, the equipment…. The second point is the search for balance between the physical and the mental. How do we associate efficiently and genuinely the practice for health, energy, defense, confidence at the same time and above all in the same module... Master Gu Ji is a direct student of the chinese martial arts great masters: Yang Zhengduo, Fu Zhongwen, Gu Liuxing ; he is James Kous former collaborator (Lécole de James Kou). He teaches at UNESCO, ESA (European Spacial Agency) and at his own school Arts Chinois : Aux Sources du Qi, Gu Qi Dao Academy in Paris: Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Bagua and self-defense. More informations: Find us and contact us on Facebook: [email protected]

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