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Watch BY AJAY JAINWhen you go to a forest, it is of vital importance to be in good hands. So you can explore and appreciate the wild the right way. This is where Asian Adventures scores over others - after all, they are naturalists who also understand the hospitality business. And they are very good at both.The Gir Birding Lodge is set amidst a mango orchard on the fringes of the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, the last abode of the endangered Asiatic Lions. Its cottages blending with the immediate environment. Dont be surprised if you see exotic birds and animals hanging around your porch - or even joining you for a meal. It is all part of a plan to be with natures wondrous creations. The management and staff are knowledgeable and experienced, and will address all your queries. They will arrange your safaris with guides, and give you excellent suggestions on what to do beyond the forest safaris like arranging guides to take you on village tours and to birding sites where migratory and local birds can be spotted and more.Make sure you take the cottages with the verandahs - it is a pleasure sitting there for morning and evening tea, or even an after-dinner chat, overlooking the orchard. Here is more:* Service: Impeccable. The staff is always at hand to take care of any of your needs, willingly and with all courtesies. * Rooms: Very well done. Spacious cottages with double beds, with additional single beds too for the entire family to stay. Air-conditioning in the room and hot water in the bathrooms are always available. The interiors are tasteful, of high quality, with clean sheets and towels. The bathroom is well equipped with toiletries. Tea/coffee making facilities are also provided in the room. * Location: Adjacent to one of the main entries to the park. Your safari would start or end at this gate. Does not get better. Again, dont be taken aback if a lion comes for a walk outside the gates - it is not uncommon.* Liked Best: The setting, the quality of the rooms and the staff.* Food Quality: The food is clean and wholesome, and the menu designed to suit most preferences. The spread will spoil you too. When I was the only one for a particular meal, I suggested the cook make only a handful of dishes for me - no Sir, they said. We have instructions to offer the full menu irrespective of the number of guests. Burp!The next time you go lion spotting, you know where to stay!ContactAsian AdventuresF-313, Lado Sarai, New Delhi - 110030, India. Tel: +91-011- 44128785, +91-9811704651Email: [email protected]:*********************************************A Kunzum TV Production by Ajay JainEdited by Manish Walia*********************************************http://kunzum.com*********************************************Join us for coffee at the Kunzum Travel CafeWe travel. What do you do?*********************************************[email protected]+91.9650702777, +91.9910344476