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Watch Can you think of any reasons why you would keep a object in your possession, that causes you pain to look at, that is haunted and that is a constant reminder of painful events in your past?Anna G. (she has chosen to remain largely anonymous) has just such an object in her possession. It is a century old doll that has been given the name Joliet. At night, the doll is said to give out the piercing cries of different babies, all male, sometimes singly, sometimes all at the same time.Anna knows the names of all four of the souls that are said to inhabit the doll, and it is this knowledge, known to four generations of mothers and daughters, that keeps the haunted doll in their possession.The doll is not only haunted, but is cursed.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for your precious time#Joliet_creepy_paranormal_doll.------------------------------------------------------------------------