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Watch চীনা বাদামের অসাধারণ গুনাগুনগুলো জেনে নিন জানলে চমকে জানেন Everybody likes to eat Chinese almonds. Sometimes we eat almonds in the leisurely chat. But considering the benefits and benefits of nut, it should be eaten every day. Chinese nuts have plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, carbon-hydrates and proteins. You can keep your body away from many diseases and pills while playing a handful of Chinese nuts every day. Nut A Healthy Food for Any Age Nuts are able to give us many health benefits. Its great to eat nutrition as well as to eat. Lets know the nutcinoma of nutmeg. Almond reduces cholesterol: The problem of cholesterol in the people of Bangladesh is very strong today. The main cause of cholesterol infections is malnutrition and oily foods. Excessive cholesterol in the body causes severe diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain and diabetes. The nut nuts in the body help reduce cholesterol from the body. Moreover, this nut also helps to reduce body fat. Every day 10-12 or one fatty Chinese nuts can reduce the bodys cholesterol.

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