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Watch কালোজিরার কিছু অসাধারণ স্বাস্থ উপকারিতা সম্পর্কে জেনে নিন Although commonly known as Blackjir, Blackjir has more names, such as Black Kewora, Roman Corrender or Romana Dhana, Nizila, Final Flowers, Habatabasuda and Kangei etc. Blackjirs scientific name nigella sativa Whatever the name is called, the benefits of this black seed are immense. Blackjira helps in the development of harmful bacteria and increases the body cells and collars. Not only for health, blackjack is also very useful for hair and skin. Each kitchen has black pepper that makes the food flavored. Let us know today the benefits of the wonders of wonder seeds. 01. Increasing memory: One teaspoon of mint powder or orange juice or one cup of color tea mixed with one teaspoon black pepper oil mixed three times a day regularly. Which removes anxiety. Blackjira also works for the development of merit double the rate. Blackjack itself is an antibiotic or antiseptic. The brain helps to increase memory by increasing blood circulation. Playing blackgrams is good for blood circulation in our body. This increases the blood circulation of the brain. That helps to improve our memory.

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