Click to Watch in HD > HillClimb Ayent-Anzère 2017 (BEST OF and PURE SOUND)

Watch Hillclimb Ayent-Anzère is organized in Swiss. Here is my video 100% best of hill climb attack and best cars sounds of this course de côte Ayent-Anzère. Many awesome racing cars, such as the hillclimb monsters are presented in this compilation, and with always the amazing pure sound of hillclimb cars engines!!! This course de côte Ayent-Anzère 2017 has counted for the hill climb national championship. © RUDY COURSEDECOTE You can follow me and also find all my videos of hill climb and course de côte here: ➡ F A C E B O O K ► ◄ ➡ W E B S I T E ► ◄ ➡ G O O G L E+ ► ◄

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