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Watch Home Remedies for Folliculitis | Naturally Treat Folliculitis | Folliculitis Treatment |Folliculitis Click Here To Subscribe =► Home Remedies for Folliculitis Home Remedies for Folliculitis on legs Home remedies for folliculitis on buttocks Apple cider vinegar for folliculitis Turmeric for folliculitis Folliculitis over the counter treatment How to get rid of folliculitis scars How to get rid of folliculitis on scalp folliculitis treatment scalp folliculitis treatment face folliculitis treatment legs folliculitis treatment natural folliculitis treatment vinegar folliculitis treatment for dogs folliculitis treatment before and after folliculitis treatment reviews folliculitis treatment buttocks Home Remedies for Folliculitis Top 10 Home Remedies For Folliculitis. 1. Warm Compress 2. Turmeric 3. Apple Cider Vinegar 4. Colloidal Silver 5. Tea Tree Oil 6. African Black Soap 7. Rubbing Alcohol 8. Indian Lilac 9. Aloe Vera Gel 10. Oil of Oregano Additional Tips: • You can also try over-the-counter antibiotics in gel or cream form. • Until the infection is cleared up, avoid shaving if possible. If you need to shave, use an electric razor and shave in the direction of the hair growth. • Avoid tight clothes to reduce friction between your skin and clothing. • Avoid using public hot tubs and heated pools. If you own a hot tub, clean it regularly. • To prevent folliculitis from spreading, maintain skin hygiene by taking a bath or shower daily with a mild soap. Always take a shower after you exercise and after you work around chemicals. • Wash your hands frequently. • Avoid overuse of skin oils or makeup, which can trap bacteria in your pores. • Use a mild lotion that doesn’t clog your pores but will keep your skin moisturized. • Drink an ample amount of filtered water daily to prevent dehydration and stimulate the immune system to prevent further infection. • Do not share towels, washcloths or other personal items while you have this infection. • Change your bedsheets as often as you can and wash them in hot water. • Don’t scratch the bumps. Our Social Site:- Google plus:- Facebook:- Love this video to Like, comment, share with your friends and hits the subscribe button for new videos.

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