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Watch Hello. Hallo. Hola Previous Video: This monthly challenge was a fun one. For those of you who wanted to know what workouts I did: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Weight training (15 Minutes) Tuesday, Thursday: Hiit Workout (10 Minutes) My Weight training Workout: Bicep Curls 12 reps with 4 kg Rows 12 reps with 6 kg Shoulder Press 12 reps with 4 kg Chest Press 12 reps with 6 kg Lunges and Squats 12 reps Roll ups and Reverse crunch 12 reps Tricep Dips 2 x 12 reps Pushups 12 reps Hiit Workout videos I liked: and t=2s Searching 10 min Hiit will find you enough choice Enjoy!! Music: Intro: Mariachi Snooze von Kevin MacLeod ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution license ( lizenziert. Quelle: Interpret: Rollercoaster by Tobu Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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