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Watch Here are some bench press tips and techniques for beginners by Ulisses. Once youve taken a deep breath and have braced, its time to initiate lowering the bar. As you do this, think about bending the bar into a U-shape with your hands. Bending the bar will allow you to tuck your elbows naturally to engage your lats and protect your shoulders. Where you touch the bar on your body will depend on how long your arms are and where you grip the bar. Whatever the case, your forearm should be at 90 degrees from the ground in this bottom position. If its more or less, you may lose force. If you have long arms and a narrow grip, youll touch farther down on your body. If you have short arms and a wide grip, the bar will touch higher on your chest. Most people will hit anywhere from their top ab to their nipple line. Wherever the bar hits you, try to hit the same spot every rep. Once the bar has made contact with your torso, initiate the upward movement by tightening your glutes and driving your legs into the ground. No, thats not cheating. Using leg drive will allow you to stay tight and bench more weight.

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