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Watch This week on Ask Kenan, Charles E. asks My 6yo Sulcata Tortoise has become aggressive/territorial. How would you suggest redirecting that energy into something else? Ive got him in a quarter-acre enclosure and I gave him a soccer ball to push around (which seems to have helped.) But, I was looking for other ideas that you might have tried? I have 3 more Sulcatas quickly catching up in a different area, and Id appreciate the advice. Lucky for Charles we have ton of experience dealing with Sulcata Tortoise behavior here at Kamp Kenan and it might just surprise you what Kenans suggestion is for this predicament! Want to Ask your own question to Kenan, go to and become a patron today. Maybe the next video will answer your question! We are Reptile enthusiasts, We know a lot about Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises, Crocodiles, Alligators and all sorts of scaly and misunderstood creatures. We also love to learn from other animal experts who are happy to share knowledge. That’s what Kamp Kenan is all about. We love animals and we know you do too. This is why we do what we do. Animal Conservation in the Modern World matters, were out there living it and doing it every day. This is real life, these stories are real, and our sole purpose is to educate you so that you can learn something new every day and one day perhaps get involved yourself. Its that simple. ---------- Lets create a new generation of educated Animal Enthusiasts and spread the Love! Subscribe Now for more radical reptiles ►► Watch ALL Kamp Kenan FEATURE EPISODES ►► Get Smarter on our WEBSITE ► Checkout our Merchandise! ► ---------- Looking for Kamp Kenan elsewhere on the internet? Facebook ► Instagram► ---------- My Favorite Reptile Gear: Basking Lamp Fixture: Basking Bulbs: Slimline UVB Lamp: Nighttime Heat if needed: Thermometer/Humidity Gauge: Rubbermaid Tub: Reptile Cave: Natural Habitat Hut: Food and Water Dish: Substrate: Spaghnum Moss: Food- Tortoise/Iguana Diet: Turtle Diet: Calcium Supplement: Cuttlebone:

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