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Watch SUBSCRIBE - Radio Technique of the Week - How to throw a leg kick variation across the front of the thigh (Slamming Sam Leg Kick) - for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA- Demonstrated by former K-1 World Grand Prix competitor, Kickboxer and MMA Fighter, Sam Greco.New technique EVERY WEDNESDAY! Breaking down techniques from Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and more.Sam Greco has competed in Kickboxing, Kyokushin Karate, Seidokaikan Karate and Mixed Martial arts. He made his fame in K-1 and was also a part of the 1999 K-1 World Grand Prix, coming 3rd. Greco also took part in professional wrestling. He retired in July of 2005 after a KO victory over Shungo Oyama in an MMA fight.Throughout his career, Sam fought such fighters and legends as Ernesto Hoost, Mirko Cro Cop, Ray Sefo, Jerome Le Banner, Peter Aerts, Mike Bernardo, Andy Hug, Musashi, Heath Herring, Lyoto Machida and many more.Popular fighters with Kickboxing and Muay Thai styles who have found success in Mixed Martial Arts include, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Alistair Overeem, Tyrone Spong, Mirko Cro Cop, Mark Hunt, Semmy Schilt, Stephen Thompson, Cung Le, Melvin Manhoef, Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts, Donald Cerrone, Edson Barboza, Eduardo Dantas, Anthony Pettis, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Thiago Alves, Brandon Vera, Duane Ludwig, Wanderlei Silva, Renan Barao, John Wanye Parr, and more.----MMA is an extremely popular sport which combines any number of martial arts and styles, including Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and many more. The focus of MMA is not to train one style, but to combine striking, grappling, wrestling and submissions in order to successfully defeat your opponent.The sport has grown tremendously over the last decade and the largest MMA promotion by far is the UFC. The Las Vegas based UFC holds most of the elite fighters in the world and has been called home by such stars as Jon Jones, GSP, Ronda Rousey, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, BJ Penn, Rampage Jackson, Shogun Rua, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Urijah Faber, TJ Dillashaw, Rashad Evans, Chael Sonnen, Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Mark Hunt, Alistair Overeem, Michael Bisping, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler, Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock and many more.Submission Radio is Now Available on Stitcher Radio, iTunes and Tune In radio!http://submissionradio.com

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