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Watch Getting a credit card in Nepal is not so easy. There are rules in place which dictates the qualifications for a person to be approved and given a credit card. Moreover, if someone wants to get an international credit card in Nepal, then it is pretty much close to impossible. There are banks that offer international dollar travel cards if you are travelling to somewhere with a Visa. Luckily, an option that we have is requesting a Payoneer International MasterCard which is accepted globally. To order this international credit card in Nepal, you’ll have to sign up to Payoneer, submit the documents (Passport) to verify your identity, wait until the card is shipped to your address and verify it online. The process is long but if done correctly, it will allow you to receive a credit card or MasterCard that works online. What you get: An international MasterCard. A US bank account to request US Payments. This bank account can no longer be used to verify PayPal. Using this card, its number and CVV code you can: Shop online in sites like Amazon and eBay if the seller ships to Nepal. Pay for web services like web-hosts and to buy domains. Create your own Facebook Ad campaigns and fund it. Use ATMs to withdraw money globally (including Nepal). Fees With this card be ready to pay the fees. If you signed up directly, the fees are: Yearly account maintenance: $29.95. Per ATM Withdrawal: $3.15 + 3% Foreign Transaction Fee + Around 400 NPR Local Bank ATM Fees Note: There are additional fees like ATM Decline, Balance Inquiry and Card Replacement fee—if you need to use those services. How to Load the Card There are three ways to load the card: Freelancing: If you are able to make money online from sites like Elance or oDesk, you can add the card as one of your payout methods. Then you can request a withdrawal directly to it. You can also request a card from such freelancing websites—they have lower fees. Transfer from Other Payoneer Account Holders: Other people with funds in their Payoneer account can send you money online using your Payoneer email address. US Payment Service: You can send your account details like Bank Name, Routing (ABA), Account Number and Account Type to a US company that needs to pay you. Then the US company can load the money in your account. All in all, it is quite difficult to load money in your Payoneer account. Your best bet is to work online as a freelancer, make money and then withdraw to the card. Why Payoneer? – Because it’s easier than the alternatives. In Nepal, for international dollar credit cards like MasterCard or VISA, there seems to be requirements like: Foreign Currency Saving Account Permit from the Central Bank – Nepal Rastra Bank No one knows where to go and what forms to fill to be eligible to get such permit and saving account. Normally, you won’t get much help if you ask around commercial banks in Nepal. You are supposed to have a legally approved foreign income source to have a dollar or foreign currency saving account. Sign Up and Earn $25* Using This Referral Link. Notes: [You get 25 USD for signing up but on activation the yearly fee of $29.95 will get deducted if the balance is there. The link I shared above is my affiliate link which compensates me only if you load the card with USD 100] Nepali Date Converter Link Postal Code Link See More -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Coding Decoding Shortcuts, Tricks and Questions - Answers Lecture By Dr. Naangjang Yakthungba -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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