You can get pink lips in Telugu. Home remedy tips provide red lips naturally. You can get pinks lips at home by using home remedies. Massage your lips a piece of beetroot which fully loaded with essential nutrients which promote red lips naturally. Many of us are worried about that how to get red and pink lips. *********************************Website:*******************************Awesome beauty and health channel providing more and more beauty tips for pink and red lips. In this video contains the essential tips for pink lips. You can see natural red lips without using any lipstick if you follow these home remedies. If you follow one of the tips in this channel regularly, that makes yours lips red permanently. Those tips help to men, women including smokers. Lemon and sugar can provide instant red lips if you rub that two ingredients on your lips. Home remedy required all the ingredients available in your kitchen its preparation and usage also very simple at your home. Strangling the peels of rose flow and add few drops of water to it apply that paste to your lips which quickly penetrate to your lip cells thereby your lips get pink color, and that lighten the darker lips. Olive massage also one of the best remedy to lighten the dark lips and you can get rosy lips with rose flower peels which provide rosy lips to you.