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Watch How To Improve Your Bone Health Through Exercise | Osteoporosis and Exercise Visit for more information Osteoporosis refers to a condition of decreased bone density. While there are many causes ,the most common is ageing. While ageing is an inevitable consequence of life, osteoporosis need not have to be as well ! For prevention all it requires is regular exercise. Exercise , apart from its obvious cardiovascular and metabolic benefits, is also proven to be a great tool in increasing bone mass. It has been proved in numerous studies without a doubt that athletes or those who engage in regular physical activity have a higher bone density. This corresponds to the muscle groups that are used the most. For eg. footballers, cyclists and gymnasts have greater densities in their hip and leg bones whereas rowers and weight lifters ostensibly have greater density in their upper limb bones. How it works Bones respond to stress by increasing bone formation to replace old bone- a process called remodelling which occurs throughout life. This occurs maximally during the teenage years when the balance is far more in favour of bone formation. With advancing age there is a continual struggle for ascendancy between the forces of bone loss and bone gain. The stress that induces this bone gain could from a variety of sources but typically involves the muscle thats attached to the bone pulling on it. Hence any type of exercise would be beneficial but more so those exercises have involve some amount of weight training and a little impact. For obvious reasons , people already with osteoporosis are not advised high impact exercises such as aerobics , running, dancing etc. Bones which are already weak cannot handle such stress and would fracture. A graded exercise program would benefit such people. Weight/ Resistance training is the single most effective way to build up bone density. Apart from building muscle it also stimulates bone remodelling and higher bone density. Lifting heavy weights aside, a moderate degree of weight training is extremely beneficial. Everyone cant be a power lifter but most people can lift small weights which challenge their muscles. Anything that requires muscles to work against gravity is useful. Weight bearing exercises such as walking , running, dancing, hiking or stair climbing are of equal benefit to those who dont like weight training. In addition there is the aerobic component to them. Walking is the most recommended exercise and its to easy to see why. Low impact and aerobic , it is perfectly suited to those who cannot , for various reasons, take up any other form of physical activity. How To Improve Your Bone Health Through Exercise | Osteoporosis and Exercise Other less strenuous but equally challenging forms of exercise include yoga and Pilates. While not being weight bearing these enable full stretching of muscles that does contribute to overall bone health. It might not be as effective as other forms of exercise to crank up on bone mass , but the fact is is that it contributes extensively to holistic health, and is a better alternative to nothing at all. As always, its is imperative to talk to a doctor before beginning an exercise program , more so , if one is a beginner or already has osteoporosis. ======================================================= Related videos: How to do side planks 6 Essential Steps To Fast Weight Loss Myths of Intermittent Fasting How to do plank exercises weight loss motivation quotes 11 fun activities to lose weight Celebrity Weight Loss Secret to fast weight loss Read interesting article about weight loss: Quickest way to weight loss secrets revealed How to lose weight very fast Five White Foods you should never avoid

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