Click to Watch in HD > How to Install Windows 7 with USB or DVD Complete Tutorial in Hindi

Watch Learn “How to install Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit on systems”. Operating system is the most important part of our computers, pc`s. without windows or operating system our computers are only a combination of metal items which are useless. Operating system is very necessary to rum the systems. Sometimes we have to pay a large amount of rupees to get installed operating systems or windows in our systems. In this video learn how to install windows step by step with easy Hindi language tutorial. You can also learn that how to install drivers like: Graphic Drivers, Network Drivers, Bluetooth Drivers, WiFi Drivers and so more. You can also learn that how to fix the first setting of operating system to make easier to use windows. 1. Install Windows7 2. Install Windows 7 3. Install Windows 7 32 bit 4. Install Windows 7 64 bit 5. Install Windows with USB 6. Install Windows with Pen drive 7. Install Windows with Flash Drive 8. Install Windows 7 through USB 9. Install windows 7 with DVD 10. Install windows 7 with CD 11. Install LAN Driver 12. Install Graphic Driver 13. Install WiFi Driver 14. Install Network Driver 15. Install Bluetooth driver 16. Install windows 7 17. Install windows 18. Install software 19. Install windows on GPT 20. Install windows on MBR 21. Install operating system 22. What is BIOS 23. Understand BIOS

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