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Watch Hello and welcome to my channel CaliMarco PT. Calisthenics is the method and I’m a Personal Trainer that loves to teach, help and coach people to achieve their fitness goals! In this video the exercise Jump Squat included in my Free E-Book ABC - Calisthenics / Level 1-beginner.Leave me a ?? Like and share it with your friends. This will make me understand that you like and allow me to continue making videos. Thanks for your help!Subscribe to my channel now to avoid missing out on any of the free weekly workouts.Download my free guide ABC - Calisthenics (Level 1 - Beginner) by clicking and following my website https://www.calimarcopt.comFollow me on my channels to be always updated on my news:?️Instagram: Note: Any exercise program contains an element of risk. Be aware that the exercises in these videos may not be familiar to you and, even though every attempt has been made to ensure safe instruction, how and if you decide to execute the exercises is ultimately your responsibility. Consult your physician before take part of any exercise program.