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Watch Learn how to make Quantum Break effect on Photoshop. Hope you like the tutorial.Subscribe me for more upcoming tutorials.If you have any problem, please let me know in the comment section. Have a nice day! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Psd/Template: (Work on CC and CS6) Stock photo/Footage ----------------------------------- Model and Stock: Music:None Font:None Brush: Hotkeys --------------- The hotkeys that Ive used in this tutorial: Ctrl+Backspace,Ctrl+D,Ctrl+J,Hold Ctrl, Ctrl + + Ctrl + - etc. Feature of this tutorial -------------------------------------- Plugins:No need Difficulty:Hard Time: 17min Rating:6.5/10 About Software ---------------------------- Brand:Adobe Name:Photoshop Version: CS6 About Copy-Right Issue: ------------------------------------------ All these things are not against Copy-Right.So you can use it. I use NCS musics in my video. Page: Support Me: Become a Patron:

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