Click to Watch in HD > How to make the BEST pad Thai ( Pad Thai sauce included!!)

Watch step 1: mix ingredients all together - 90g of sugar - 125g of palm sugar - 35g of water - 30g of water - 2 sliced up red onions - 100g of fish sauce - 6 pepper or how much youd prefer - 1 tbsp of salt - 4 garlic - 40g of tamarind juice mix it in a mixer step 2: boil -boil the liquid that just came out the mixer, stir until it is boiling step 3: ingredients for stir fried pad Thai - Garlic - Egg - beansprout - small dried shrimps - Garlic chives 1) stir fry the red onion 2) sweet chopped radish 3) small dried shrimps, STIR FRY FOR ABOUT 30 SEC 4) add the noodles in 5) add 3 tbsp of the sauce you made earlier, STIR FRY UNTIL THE NOODLE IS COOKED 6) add some more oil and fry 1 egg then mix the noodle and egg together 7) put in beansprout 8) garlic chives Thats it! enjoy your pad Thai and dont forget to subscribe

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