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Watch In this video I am showing how you can control your desktop and laptop from your mobile, how you can make remote connection between desktop to laptop,laptop to mobile.desktop to desktop etc.from any where in the world. ====================================================== My other videos ====================================================== 1.How to delete background from PDF 2.How to check Jio prime membership. 3.How to link up Twitter with Facebook 4.How to reset Photoshop cs6 or cs5 and fix Typing cursor(Upgrade)2017 5.How to share USB tethering with other Desktop and Laptop (LAN) 6.How to open an account in click bank (New trick) 7.COMPARISON between telecom service providers (Airtel, Vodaphone, Idea and Jio prime) 8.How to edit audio and video and mix together. 9.Jio Prime membership extended by 15 days to April 15. 10.How to mix audio,video. 11.How to post in your website and blog 12.How to edit videos with free video editor. (For new YouTubers) 13.How to use (jio fi) 4g sim in your 2g or 3g mobile and make calls and sm 14.Scream1 15.How to create YouTube channel art or banner. 16.How to check and change You tube License. 17.How to make youtube video annotation. 18.How to solved Word press 500 error (4mints). 19.How to bypass Bsnl redirection. 20.How to earn more on YouTube channel 21.How to check accurate viewers (Total viewers is missing)in Hindi 22.How to display your mobile screen and control your mobile from desktop or laptop 23.How to create YouTube playlist and edit. 24.How to get an appointment for Indian passport(Agartala must see) 25.How to create Facebook page and go live from desktop and laptop 26.Tripura(India) - Short Intro 27.How to easily create, convert, make ISO files 28.Return to editingHow to create bootable USB disk 29.How to make fast your Desktop and Laptop.( c: drive corrupted flies) 30.How To Make Large Youtube Thumbnail on Facebook(new) 31.How to install All in one messenger for desktop and laptop 32.How to download IMO(Video call) for Desktop and Laptop 33.How to 1 click invite,add ,id extractor for Facebook (no code needed) 34.How to track yours and others YouTube channel (Inspirational, secret, US top You tubers) 35.How to earn from clickbank(Part-2) 36.How to create YouTube subtitles(new 2017) 37.“YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED TO ACCESS THIS WEBPAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE “How to bypass? 38.How to earn from 3rd parties video. 39.How to connect Instagram with Youtube 40.How to be Safe from RANSOM WARE ?(Dont pay them) 41// How to be Safe from RANSOM WARE ?(Dont pay them) Thank you

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