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Watch You are what you eat. Weve all heard that phrase but it shouldnt be taken lightly. The food we eat is either fighting disease or feeding it. Unfortunately, most things this day are feeding it. We have been heavily misguided on what is healthy and what our bodies need to thrive. Most of this poor guidance comes from companies motivated by money that pass around false ideas. the meat and dairy industries are among the biggest, and most threatening, culprits.The good news is, theres tons of science the back up the truth and show us how to be our healthiest selves. We just need to uncover these truths. Many of these money-hungry companies try to hide them.There ARE ways to prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, anxiety and so many more. It has everything to do with the food that we eat.The more you know, the more motivating it is to be mindful of your diet and feed your body the unprocessed, whole foods it needs.

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