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Watch I have been wanting to do a video on witches because of a personal exprience I had. Speaking from personal experience, some witches do not know they are witches. They may not practice witchcraft and put spells on people but they carry the Jezebel spirit and the Jezebel spirit is sent by satan. Some witches are involved deeply in the church and some are afraid of the church. I was attack by a neighbor in my building. Im not sure what she did in the privacy of her home but I could see that spirit in her. Anytime she came around she came to sow a seed of confusion. If i listened to gospel music, she would leave the building. If i was carrying groceries into the building she would come out, slam the front entry door and lock it; locking me out of the building. She would call the police and make up lies. She prayed for my downfall. She did a lot more then that to my children and myself. I hope this video helps somebody that is going through this. Keep your mind on Christ. Go higher in the Lord.