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Watch Sorry, my voice sounds sick! I caught a bad flu on the plane :/ Dont forget to subscribe to my channel! It doesnt matter if you dont have a frontal camera lens on your phone, the tips in this video on how to take the perfect selfie will work for all cameras. This day in age, having a good profile picture can be seen as being just as important as having a good drivers license photo! With potential employers reviewing social media accounts before hiring, how you present yourself is crucial! Think of a good selfie to how a head shot is for an actor/actress. The only difference is that with a selfie, youre in control! Capture the best version of yourself with a few easy tips that Im going to demonstrate! My makeup line em michelle phan only at Read my Glamour magazine article about the biggest inspiration in my life, my Mother. video about 3 guys attempting to recreate one of my makeup looks!♥ Please Subscribe!♥ My Twitter:♥ My Facebook:♥ My Instagram:♥ My Blog:♥ ICON Network: your selfie by tagging your photo with hashtag #michellephanselfie so I can like and reply back at you!music by Daniela Andrade Any Other Way photos by is not a sponsored video. Video edited by yours truly.

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