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Watch Hey what’s up guys how you normally chose your thumbnail on Instagram, you get into the app click that plus icon choose your video if you click next, next and share. by default, it’ll pick 1st frame of your video as a thumbnail. So for example if your video starts with fade in your default thumbnail will be black which isn’t appealing at all but if you on cover here you can crop a still from your video and make it a thumbnail so this image will be your 1st impression across InstagramBut sometimes you what to add some text to it or may be a completely different image which isn’t part of your video all but completely conveys your message all at once. so in this video I’ll tell you how can you get any image as a thumbnail on Instagram without affecting your content. if you enjoyed this click here to watch a video on Powerful Presentation 5 TIPS TO MAKE A POWERFUL PRESENTATION : Changing Lessons to Learn from Stephen Hawking : 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE BY STEPHEN R. COVEY ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW/SUMMARY : and list=PLTPcI6GfxwjRkrfhOFSyd3UahgxIVa6rKMANS SEARCH FOR MEANING BY VIKTOR FRANKL with a short summary of CAST AWAY : Videos By JUST STARTED : and list=PLTPcI6GfxwjRU9N98vGd-dUYDJMKWbH8JCONNECT WITH JUST STARTED SUBSCRIBE : : : : :