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Watch how we can make the connection of fluorescent tube light this is the video only for study purposeabout the connectins of tube light Tube light has filament on either side. They are coated with tungsten material. The inside of the tube has phosphorous coating which is used to convert ultraviolet into visible light and to give the required color sensation. A choke is used to give transient high voltage so as to initiate the electron movement which is an iron starter capacitor is used to suppress radio-interference with the switch closed. The current flows through the choke and the starter. The glow switch suddenly breaks thereby creating the circuit. Due to high conductivity, inductive property of the choke, a transient high voltage is available across the filament. Hence the electrons are emitted and travel through the tube. Then tube light is produced.PROCEDURE:(a) Give the connections as per the circuit diagram as shown in figure. (b) Fix the tube holder and the choke in the tube.(c) The phase wire is connected to the choke and neutral directly to the tube(d) Connect the starter in series with the tube.PRECAUTIONS:1. While giving the connection be careful. Handle the lamp Safely.2. Be careful while handling the tools.3. All the connections should be right and tight.