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Watch Tourists can enjoy the cool, fresh air inside the cave, which was named for the wind that passes freely through the different openings in the cave. “Hoyop” in Bicolano means blowing of air or wind. One of the caves openings is a grand window, through which travelers can enjoy a splendid view of Mayon Volcano. The numerous entrances and exits vary from two to 10 meters in diameter. These passageways will test your skill in squeezing, crawling, and kneeling to get through in order to reach the different chambers, including a mini-pond and a dance floor. Inside the cave are wonderful formations of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as hidden sacred knowledge of the life of our ancestors — the early inhabitants of the area. The late Fr. Cantius Kobak, OFM, a Franciscan priest and archaeologist, classified the cave as old as 3000 B.C to 4000 B.C. Meanwhile, jars found inside the cave were dated from 200 B.C. to 900 A.D., and attributed to Calanay complex. Entrance fee as of 2017 1 to 6 persons 300php more than 6 persons 50php each Parking fee 25php with a cave guide who can speak local and English Eddie - Cave Guide +639126963323 Please Subscribe to My Vlog Channel Facebook Page Twitter Account

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