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Watch Video: When the two rocks hit the beach on the road  Today, if we talk about bulls, we all know that due to some stray bulls there are accidents on the road due to the arrival of the day. In this way, we are going to show you a similar video of 2 bulls which suddenly make a fight in the street fighting furiously. Indeed, in the Chandoli in Uttar Pradesh, two bulls climb together in a tremendous way. A crowd of people is gathered to see these fights. Seeing on the spot, there was a rift over the spot. During this time many bikes fell. Seeing the deterioration of the situation, nearby people rescue the two bulls carefully. This fight was dangerous 1. People said that the battle of both the sand was very dangerous. 2. If the two are not separated, one bulls kill the other. 3. At the same time, a young man had said that this was a confrontation between the two bulls in their area. 4. The two of them were fighting each other to run away from the area.

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