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Watch [ NEW VIDEO EVERYDAY ] Best of fancam Kukhwa from I-REN dance routine in mini short, cute Korean girl. Want more???? Register to our new project: PRIVATE TV (。◕‿◕。) #idols4adult Please like if you want to support the channel! We will add videos more often! (^_^)/ Subscribe to get the latest upload! Follow us on Facebook: I-REN: I-REN (in Korean: 아이렌) is a South Korean girl group under Jay Entertainment Company. Their first music video “Butt” got lot of attention because the girls show their butt inside in very suggestive choreography. The band is composed of 4 members: • Jine 진이 • Yoon 윤 • Kukhwa 국화 • Boyoung 보영 Follow I-REN: Kpop best of of cute Korean girl, dance during live performance at concert 2016 // Fancam of idol I-RENs Kukhwa, dancing on stage. Show k-pop performer on stage, k-girl fan cam video fancam HD. Korean girl band idols, cover dancing group, KUK HWA dancer from IREN performers from Korea. Music by Vexento: Track Masked Raver • • • • Outro by Desmeon: Desmeon - Hellcat

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