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Watch Use these methods for long and dense eyelids ... The most beautiful part of your face is the eyes and the beauty of these eyes makes four moons, dense and long eyelids. Beautiful eyelashes easily attract everyone to you. But many people have very little light in their eyes, which makes the eyes look like an emptiness. If you also want to get such beautiful eyelashes, then with the help of some home remedies, make the lamps tall and thick. By applying olive oil, the eyelids become thick and grow rapidly. Apply oily oil to your eyelids. This is the best homemade recipe for beautiful and dense eyelids. Raise the eyelids three times daily with a small brush. This will lead to better circulation of blood and dirt in them. Applying oils like petroleum jelly to your eyelids will make your eyelashes grow faster. This home remedies will make your eyelids strong and strong. You should trim your eyelids every three months, but trim only a small part of it. Triming the eyelids will make them grow faster. Olive oil is a very old prescription for developing eyelids. Before bedtime, apply olive oil with the help of a cotton wool around your eyelashes. The essential vitamins present in olive oil all night will be covered in the eyelids.

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