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Watch Peanut and papaya is beneficial for ziris Due to excessive makeup, stress and busy lifestyles, some people start getting wrinkles early in the day. In such a situation, he becomes very upset and uses expensive cosmetic available in the market. But do you know that this absolute recipe of papaya and groundnut will remove all your problems. The way papaya is beneficial for health. In the same way, it also has its infallible benefits for skin. Lets know how to use it, you can avoid wrinkles falling before the age. For this, firstly harvest the well cooked papaya and bring it from the market. Now put the pulp in the face for half an hour. Wash the face with lukewarm water on drying. After this, massage with peanut oil on your face with a light hand. Keep in mind that pulling oil from chin to cheeks is to stretch the chick bone. Just as the facials do, the same way. Take this method for at least one month. You will see that wrinkles do not even have a mark when this will enhance your face.

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