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Watch This is the new wonder of the earth, in detail Friends, today we are going to tell you a strange world that you probably have not seen so far. Today we are going to tell you about an animal that has never been seen before or ever heard from you, all of you have never heard of it and you will see this animal for the first time. Friends, this animal is the white giraffe which has been seen in the forests of Africa as soon as it came out of the Giraffe forests, people came to the city and saw this and many people took photos while many people took photos. It was two giraffes, one of which was female and the other was her child. Friends, people have heard about you that day, whose color is not white, but this white color election has been seen for the first time in the world. Many people say that this species is not to be given at all when many people are saying It has happened because of biological side effects. When you do not think about it then it will come to know that it is a biological side effect or a new species is born but it is a big thing that a new species has been found in the earth because for the last several years no new species on earth It is also said that it is also called the new wonder of the Earth.

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