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Watch People of this village do not take door in the house just to avoid the curse of Nagin In Shikdev, where Shani of Shaila is established in Maharashtra, people do not lock the house in Shiganapur because no one steals in this village with the grace of Shani Dev. Similarly, there is a village in Uttar Pradesh where people do not even have doors in their houses. This is due to the curse of a serpent found not thousands of years ago, not because of Shanis grace. The name of the village is Pratapgarh. The villagers believe that while closing the door at the time of their ancestors, a child of a serpent died in the middle of the door and the door, then the serpent cursed the whole, if the people of this clan put the door in the houses then the destruction of their offspring And wealth will also be damaged. Their ancestors settled here seven or eight generations ago, and today they are discharging it like a tradition. Originally these families were Brahmins of the Baldeeha Mishra family of Basti many years ago. Some families of the same family settled in Pratapgad but continued to follow the procedure of not keeping the door here also. They also argue that some people of this family have put a door in their house and there is no need to do so. If someones son was a victim of untimely death then someones brother and somebodys father. Not only this, after throwing the door, everything became normal. Let us say that this condition is similar in all houses of Sudamou village of Patti Kotwali in Pratapgad district that they do not have doors. There are hundreds of houses in every village, including raw, pucca and huts. Rural Nishakant Mishra said that this may be astonishing thing to the rest, but it has become a tradition for us. We have been living in homes without doors for decades. There is a population of Brahmins studied in the village. In which there is no doctor, engineer, then there is no advocate or spokesperson. Rural Ramchandra Mishra says that no incidents of piracy robbery have occurred in the village till date. Protecting our homes, the Nagdhavas do so because we do not worry about our homes. Piyush Kant Sharma (psychologist) on this matter says that today the country is living in the 21st century, while there are people in the society living in blind faith. These people need to be educated. They fear that if there is door to door in the house, then there should be no major obstacles.

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