Click to Watch in HD > तस्वीरें: उम्र 92 साल, 107 पत्नियां और 185 बच्चे …फिर क्यों करना चाहता है ये ‘काम’

Watch Photos: Age 92 years, 107 wives and 185 children ... Then why do these work How many weddings or children can a human be born in their lifetime? A person has put a limit on the limit, marry as much as you want, create as many children as you like, and make a complete district. Know the whole case. Mohammad Belo Abubakar is a controversial figure in Nigeria. Mohamed Belo is 92 years old and has 107 wives and 185 children. Despite this, Mohammed Belo wants to marry another. Mohammed Belo says that till now I am not dead, I am completely alive and will continue to get married. Mohamed Belo is a cleric and tells this to marry the goddess Khuda. Belos fight with some Islamic officials has also happened. They tell Mohamed Belos family to the community. Recently, the false news of the death of Mohammed Belo was spread. Belo says that the news of his death was spread by unknown opponents who spread the rumor. The media had earlier reported that due to illness, the person living with 185 children died. After this news, Mohammed Belo told reporters that I am completely alive, smart and healthy. Belo said that those who spread the message of death to my death are jealous of what God has done and what he is still doing for me. Along with that, Belo said that Allah has given him what he is doing and he will continue to do this work till the end.

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