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Watch The names of these 7 Indian actresses joined in the body! It would not have been written on anyones face how that person is. Now look at the Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan as she could never have imagined that her name would also ever be in the flesh business. Being a Hollywood actress, we can accuse her that she is there for someone Nothing new But if Indian actress itself joins you, what will you say? Today we are telling you about the Indian film stars, whose names have come in business ... .. 1. Kinnera The famous name Kinnera, known in the Telugu film industry, was caught as a broker in a channels sting. 2 Shweta Basu Shweta, who won the National Award for the film Makadi in 2002, was arrested recently after her name came in a sex racket. 3. Shirley Chopra Shirley Chopra has accepted the fact that she has had sex in exchange for money. 4. Ash Ansari Item girl Ash of Tamil Film Industry was arrested in 2011 on charges of body trade by Jodhpur police. Along with this, it was revealed that his business was spread over a large part of the country. 5. Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar, who worked in B-grade films in South India, has also been sent behind the bars in Chennai for running a sex racket. 6. Saira Banu Saira, who worked in South Indian films, has been arrested in 2010 from the Hyderabad hotel during the raid by the police. 7. Yamuna It seems a bit difficult to believe, but in 2011, the Bangladeshi police had taken Yama into custody for running a sex racket. Read reference

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