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Watch If you lose these ornaments, then misfortune is coming ... According to religious texts and mythologies, losing any kind of jewelery brings bad luck. There are not many of these evidence. Lets know what the loss of jewelery can be a danger of. It has been said in the scriptures that losing the nose ornament means that there will be defamation or insult in the future. If any jewel of the head is lost, then you will have to face tension-problems in the future. If any jewel in the ears is lost, then any bad and tragic news is received. If necklace is lost, then glory decreases. The loss of the side lockers has to face financial difficulties. The loss of bracelets brings a lack of reputation. The loss of the ring leads to health related problems. Due to the loss of the right foot, it suffers from infamy in society. The left legs ankle disappearance is an indication of an ascendant or an epicenter. If the nettle gets lost then the husbands health has a bad effect. Losing the gold has to face the inauspicious effects of the master. It is said that the master After getting angry, that is to face family discord when Ruth goes. At the same time, there is a decrease in married life. If someone gets to sleep and he is kept in the house till then. Until then, some members of the family remain ill or there is always a quarrel in the house. If someone gets gold, then after selling that gold, donating a part of it ends his ill effects. If gold or gold is lost in the house by a woman or child then it is considered an inauspicious sign that if there is a loss of gold, there is a difference in the house and bitterness in the life of the couple starts to get bitter.

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