Click to Watch in HD > यहां लोग सारे काम छोड लगे सडक पर हीरे ढूंढने, जानें क्या है माजरा

Watch people get madness for searching Here people find work to find diamonds on the road, know what is in the majra  If you are going and you get money on the road then you will be very happy. There is a similar case in Surat in Gujarat. According to the media reports, a diamond traders diamond padia was lost in Katargam Gotalagaon in Surat. As soon as people came to know that the traders diamond pudya fell on the way, then they started searching for diamonds passing through it. Seeing the people started looking like a fair. It was looking like this to see that before the arrival of a leader, the work of cleaning the road is going on. It is being told that this drama has been going on for several hours. Hundreds of people were busy searching for diamonds They ranged from child to old age. Looking at peoples diamond discoveries, it seemed as if a nookak drama was happening. People were searching for diamonds at that time that the path of Kartagram Gautalawadi became very clear.

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