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Watch Stripper made sex tantric .. Men give knowledge on sex and organism Professor Sex Witch from Stripe, i.e. Sorceress or Tantric, Shani Maria is now learning about increasing sex and organs among people. This 31-year-old woman has already been a dancer and she is now helping her male client to know deeply about sex relations. Shani, who called herself a priestess, is now telling Kapels about magical sexuality ie magic sexuality. This woman, who started her work in Australia, now wants to spread her business in Europe. New Zealand-born Shani says that in the technique of sex related to sex, attention is given in ancient ways of enjoyment in sex. He said that when he was a stripper he noticed that many men used to come to him for deep connection and because of these happiness he could not find anywhere else. Then they tried to know about the sex acts of ancient times. They came to know that in ancient times there used to be a temple where dancers would attract men to their dance style. Today this temple has been destroyed. Modern Strip clubs are playing a very good role in attracting men in todays time. Men are attracted by the erotic steps of the woman, but women are more interested in their money than men, now the love between two people is not even respected for each other. Then I tried to know about its old roots and raised awareness of it in people. Mans mind wanders because of porn, but spirituality is one way that you can connect with sexuality with somebody. Many city-based Shani started working in this direction. They discovered ways to get sexual satisfaction from nature. Pray for clients using Love attas, using dance workshops and crystals and using sex toys to enhance their sexual pleasure. She also explains the mantra of enjoying sex deeply. Shani, who lives in Melbourne, says that I am in the relationship with Hitrassekul, but I do not prevent myself from moving forward in life so that I can tell people about the inequalities of sexual relations. With this I am also eko-sexual, it means stimulating with many elements. Shani also gives sex coaching to people face-to-face and also advises on Skype. It is called the modern way of ancient tradition. Shani said that most of his clients are men of age 20 to 70 and they have thousands of clients, but the number of their clients is increasing due to the increased interest in spirituality. Shani says that people in Australia, especially in Melbourne and Braun Bay, are more attracted to spiritual sexuality. More and more people are now showing interest in it. People have been told wrong things about the history of witchcraft but now it is taking spiritualism instead of religion. Shani says that she also gives people therapies to overcome depression and stress. O say that some people use spiritual methods to overcome stress because humans are very sensitive and delicate. Shani told that one of his clients had very much depression. After 6th semester, he found it better to take treatment than psychological therapy. He was going to psychologists for years. Shani is now trying to spread his work in Europe and is now planning to give up his services in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Ireland.

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